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When it is the hottest day of the summer in Prescott, Frontier Fabricators wants you to stay cool. Watch for early symptoms in your car or truck of an air conditioning system failure. Catching an issue early can save you time and money. If your AC system is charged with 1234YF freon and it creates an unusual amount of noise while running, produces an abnormal odor, or blows warm air instead of cool air, then you need Frontier Fabricators to help you with a recharge.

In 2021, the EPA required all new vehicles manufactured in the United States to replace 134a freon with 1234YF freon because new 1234YF is better for the environment. The highly trained technicians at Frontier Fabricators are on top of this new trend. They will evacuate and recharge auto AC systems with the 1234YF freon refrigerant recommended by your manufacturer. During air conditioning system diagnostics, we use advanced leak detection tools to ensure your car is not losing any of its freon.

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If you feel like your AC is not working, you probably need a freon recharge

Don't suffer uncomfortably in Prescott. If your AC isn't working well, bring your vehicle to Frontier Fabricators.

The difference between current AC refrigerants such as 134a freon and 1234YF freon is significant. 134a freon is a greenhouse gas that is as harmful as carbon dioxide. 1234YF freon ensures that you and your passengers stay cool and comfortable all summer just like 134a freon, but it is not a greenhouse gas making it a better solution for the environment. From cooling issues to low airflow, you can rely on the pro mechanics at Frontier Fabricators for fast and affordable AC repair and maintenance.

At Frontier Fabricators we want to help you and your passengers stay cool. Call us today at 928-277-1664 and schedule an appointment to get your 1234YF AC system recharged.

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